Slaying Orcs in RuneScape

I’ve heard about RuneScape before, but as someone who got burned out on World of Warcraft years ago, I haven’t really played a lot of MMORPGs since (MMORPG, of course, stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). However, I’m really glad that I finally gave this game a chance, as it’s a great way to have some fun without having to spend any money.

I always like to give browser-based games a shot, as I think it’s good that there are easy entertainment options out there that don’t require a software purchase or a super-fast computer that most people can’t afford. Well, RuneScape has long been the most highly populated browser-based online role-playing game, so my curiosity finally got the best of me and I logged on to try it.

The biggest thing to know about RuneScape is that the game is huge. There are hundreds of quests with tons of skills you can learn and literally thousands of different enemies that you can take on. The art style is very colorful and features an accessible, almost cartoonish look without straying too far from reality. There is some 3D rendering in the game, which is pretty impressive for a browser game.

Of course, without the community aspect of an MMORPG, they just aren’t the same, and there is full clan support in RuneScape so that you can pal up and go questing with other players. There’s also a Jagex Clan Cup and other competitions and events that make the game more fun. Overall, RuneScape is definitely worth checking out and is a game that you can really play for thousands of hours without getting bored, if you want to.

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