Flying and Shooting in Fallen Empire: Legions

While writing this blog and just in general to entertain myself when I’m bored, I’ve played a ton of browser-based games. However, I’ve seen very few that can compete with the graphics and tech that you will find in Fallen Empire: Legions.

In this game, you play in first person perspective and engage in combat in deathmatches of up to 32 players, which is also quite a few for a browser game. You avoid enemy fire and line up shots of your own to take out your enemies like in any other first person shooter, but the difference here is that you have a jet pack that you can fly around with.

As you might expect, the jet pack really makes a difference in gameplay and I have to admit, it adds a lot of fun, too. Controlling your movement when using the jet pack is not as difficult as I anticipated it might be, and it adds a lot to your strategy and that of the other players. It gives this game a unique quality that you might not find in a lot of the other shooters you’ll see out there.

Fallen Empire: Legions is easy to recommend as a game that you can get on and be playing in minutes because of the emphasis on “instant action” that the developers have in place. There’s also integration with Facebook and leaderboards if you’re into that type of thing, too. This game is really a good indication of the direction that browser games are headed, as well as what they are capable of at this point in time.

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