Earth Eternal is a Truly Original Experience

Okay, so every now and then you get tired of the same old types of games. There are MMORPGs where you run around healing your party members or spamming attacks to slay orcs and dragons. There are first person shooters where you sneak around maps and shoot people, or get blown up yourself, in the same old brown and gray environments.

If you feel that way too, you should try Earth Eternal. One thing you can’t accuse this MMORPG of being is unoriginal. No, that’s because in Earth Eternal, you can play as crazy looking creatures such as an upright walking cow-creature or a fox that walks on hind legs and carries a sword and shield, for example. This is reflective of the game’s story, in which the Age of Beasts has replaced the time of human beings.

The game was in open beta when I tried it, but it seemed pretty polished. The game has four different character classes: knight, rogue, mage, and druid. This means you end up in fairly standard MMORPG roles when you play, but the twist comes when you can blend character classes later in the game to really make your character unique.

In Earth Eternal, you engage in quests and interact with NPCs, as with other MMORPGs. However, the settings often resemble charming little towns and farm areas, which is certainly something new and different. Furthermore, boss monsters really add to the difficulty as you get a good challenge from taking them on.

If you like the gameplay and style of MMORPGs, but you’re tired of the same old visuals and character types, Earth Eternal is right up your alley.

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