Battlefield Heroes and the Cartoon World War

I’m always on the lookout for games that feature unique visual takes on their genres instead of the same old muddy, brown and gray graphics that we have all become accustomed to. Battlefield Heroes, which was developed by software giant EA, certainly fits the bill. The game catches your eye right away with its fun, cartoonish visuals.

When you sign up to play this browser-based 3D shooter, you immediately are asked to pick between two rival factions, the Royal Army and the National Army. You can then choose between different player types, such as soldiers, gunners (who seem to specialize in heavy weapons), and commandos (who are stealthier types).

Full customization helps you become immersed in your character’s role, with skin tone, hair color and style, and facial hair all able to be changed. You can also rank up your character as you play, which adds a persistent challenge and makes you really addicted to the game in no time flat.

Of course, all of the bells and whistles wouldn’t mean much if the gameplay wasn’t good. Fortunately, this game was obviously influenced largely by Team Fortress 2, which is definitely not a bad thing. The game plays very well, especially for a browser-based game.

This game has a lot of player support already and is a lot of fun to take part in. You’ll be surprised when you try it out at how quickly you become invested in the war between the two factions.

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