Cyber Monster for Your Browser-Based Strategy Fix

If you enjoy either anime style animation or strategy role playing games, Cyber Monster may be right up your alley. I like strategy games with a more cartoonish art style, and though I’m not really an anime fan, this game’s visuals caught my eye so I decided to give it a try.

This game plays right in your browser and is easy to get right into. Like most good strategy RPGs, it has a solid learning curve as it is easy to pick up but has a lot of depth. You compete in battles that get progressively harder as you level up your characters and give them better gear to help them defeat the zany enemies and monsters that they will face.

An interesting wrinkle added to the process is that like in the Pokemon series, once you have defeated enemies, you can enlist them to help you in the future. This helps freshen up your battle squad and adds a lot of intrigue to the proceedings.

The gameplay is very easy, though there is a lot of strategy involved. Controlling the characters in the turn-based action is simple, as are the directions that you get for missions. This is good for a casual browser-based game, in my opinion.

As you level up your warriors, mages, priests, and rangers during battle, you will have a lot of fun while taking on everything from ghosts to boxing rabbits (yes, boxing rabbits!). Cyber Monster is great if you like a little strategy in your browser game experience.

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