Wartune Brings Console Style RPGs to Your Browser

Many MMORPGs, or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, consist of a lot of exploration and real-time combat, where players end up pounding keys or clicking like mad to defeat enemies. In Wartune, a role playing game that you can play in your web browser, the combat is much more like a traditional Japanese role playing game, with more relaxing, turn-based battles.

While the graphics are not quite up to AAA standards, the environments are very attractive and feature lush trees, dirty roads and green grass everywhere. The character design is similarly impressive, with fierce warriors and intimidating monsters to face them.

Gameplay is presented with an isometric view, and you will use simple point-and-click controls to play the game, so there isn’t much to learn to get started. You will be able to level up characters and use different skills in order to succeed, along with a fun combo system that will help you to earn even more experience and level up more quickly.

Wartune also features plenty of quests, an interesting “rage” system for skill use that works much like mana does for spells in other games, and a pretty good storyline with lots of dialogue and interesting NPCs to converse with. As you level up, you can also play a farming game to generate resources to help you move forward in the game. There’s a lot of innovation here, and as a free game, the price is definitely right.

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