Odin Quest Wants to Stand Out Among Crowd

Browser-based MMORPGs, or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, are becoming a very crowded genre indeed. As the technology that web browsers increases, more and more detailed games are becoming a possibility, which has been taken advantage of by enterprising game developers.

Of course, the downside is that there are tons of these games to choose from. Games like Odin Quest, which I tried recently, are just trying to stand out among the crowd. You probably want to know, “does it succeed?”

Mostly, it does. The graphics do not blow you away but get the job done, and the pace is fast, which works well for when you can’t play for very long but want to get some progress made. I played this game during the closed beta and it allows you to learn skills, explore, fight monsters, have pets, and more things that you would expect.

Its slick interface helps make it stand out, too. You can sell items that you don’t need, but the game protects you from selling important crafting items and so forth, which is nice. Your character will have a range of both active and passive abilities, and you can use the mission tracking system to keep you on task.

If you want a very solid MMORPG that you can play with no worries in your browser, Odin Quest is as good as any to give a try. With difficulty that scales up appropriately the longer you play and plenty of depth in the game mechanics, it is a very good effort.


Explore a Post-Apocalyptic World in Massacre & Conquest

Massacre & Conquest is my newest browser-based gaming obsession, as this real time strategy game provides an engrossing post-apocalyptic world as well as some engaging game mechanics to sink your teeth into.

The heart of the game is the map, which shows everything you need to know as far as where cities, borders, and other things are so that you have an idea of the context in which events happen. Meanwhile, you will be constructing buildings and leveling them up using the “time bar” system, which allows you to do up to five hours of construction without waiting until you exceed that limit. Players can simply load up their construction queue before they stop playing to take advantage of this feature.

Recruiting combat units is an important part of play and easy to do so that you can send them on expeditions and initiate combat. During combat, you do not directly control your troops, but you can use quick skills to aid them and have an impact on the battle. Your troops will pick up better skills as you continue playing, which gives you all the incentive you need to come back.

This game is a leisurely-paced one that is a lot of fun to play and can suck you in for hours if you let it. This game may not be for everyone, but I love it. For strategy buffs like me, these games will always have a place in our web browsers.

Wartune Brings Console Style RPGs to Your Browser

Many MMORPGs, or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, consist of a lot of exploration and real-time combat, where players end up pounding keys or clicking like mad to defeat enemies. In Wartune, a role playing game that you can play in your web browser, the combat is much more like a traditional Japanese role playing game, with more relaxing, turn-based battles.

While the graphics are not quite up to AAA standards, the environments are very attractive and feature lush trees, dirty roads and green grass everywhere. The character design is similarly impressive, with fierce warriors and intimidating monsters to face them.

Gameplay is presented with an isometric view, and you will use simple point-and-click controls to play the game, so there isn’t much to learn to get started. You will be able to level up characters and use different skills in order to succeed, along with a fun combo system that will help you to earn even more experience and level up more quickly.

Wartune also features plenty of quests, an interesting “rage” system for skill use that works much like mana does for spells in other games, and a pretty good storyline with lots of dialogue and interesting NPCs to converse with. As you level up, you can also play a farming game to generate resources to help you move forward in the game. There’s a lot of innovation here, and as a free game, the price is definitely right.

Cyber Monster for Your Browser-Based Strategy Fix

If you enjoy either anime style animation or strategy role playing games, Cyber Monster may be right up your alley. I like strategy games with a more cartoonish art style, and though I’m not really an anime fan, this game’s visuals caught my eye so I decided to give it a try.

This game plays right in your browser and is easy to get right into. Like most good strategy RPGs, it has a solid learning curve as it is easy to pick up but has a lot of depth. You compete in battles that get progressively harder as you level up your characters and give them better gear to help them defeat the zany enemies and monsters that they will face.

An interesting wrinkle added to the process is that like in the Pokemon series, once you have defeated enemies, you can enlist them to help you in the future. This helps freshen up your battle squad and adds a lot of intrigue to the proceedings.

The gameplay is very easy, though there is a lot of strategy involved. Controlling the characters in the turn-based action is simple, as are the directions that you get for missions. This is good for a casual browser-based game, in my opinion.

As you level up your warriors, mages, priests, and rangers during battle, you will have a lot of fun while taking on everything from ghosts to boxing rabbits (yes, boxing rabbits!). Cyber Monster is great if you like a little strategy in your browser game experience.

Strategize in Your Browser With AD400

As you might guess, AD400 takes you to ancient times and allows you to play a strategy game as three different empires: Western Roman, Eastern Roman, and the Hunnic Empire. There are strengths and weaknesses to each, which are spelled out for you when you make your choice. You can also experience different storylines with the different factions.

The graphics have a stylized, almost cell-shaded look at times and look very good for a browser-based game. I played the single player campaign and was tasked with expanding my territory, and had to recruit progressively stronger units to continue my progress.

If you remember different strategy RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics, you’ll be at home with the battle system here. One major difference that effects tactics, however, is that you can’t attack units positioned diagonally, and instead can only attack enemies on the same row as you. The camera angle works fine for this kind of game play, giving you an isometric view of the action as it evolves.

You can also play against other players, where you select opponents to play against on the map. However, the AI has to fight for the defending nation during turns, so the versus mode is inherently flawed and I would recommend the single player campaign instead, as it is more fleshed out.

If you want a strategy fix and you like the time period that this game is based in, you will likely be very pleased with what you find here. The detail shown in the visuals, as well as with the strategy used in game play, is very evident and could keep you coming back for more.

Abobo’s Big Adventure is a Love Letter to the NES

If you grew up on the Nintendo Entertainment System, like I did, you have a special place in your heart for the eight-bit characters that inhabited your childhood. One of them was Abobo himself, better remembered as the bald, massively muscled henchman that kept showing up in the Double Dragon series.

Well, some enterprising individual did an amazing thing and created a game that puts Abobo in his own adventure. This browser-based game not only looks and plays just like a real NES game (with bosses galore), but mashes up classic games with Abobo playing through beat ’em up levels, wrestling levels, side-scrolling platformers, and more.

That’s not all, because Abobo actually goes into the worlds of other classic games. You will swim in the classic underwater level from Super Mario Bros., for example, and you will fight against Little Mac in the world of Punch-Out! You’ll also enter the dungeons of the Legend of Zelda. Even in the Double Dragon-inspired level, you’ll fight everyone from the spies from Spy vs. Spy to the minions from Kung Fu.

This game plays based on Flash technology and works right in your browser, although you can download it if you prefer. Either way, if you ever played the NES at all, you owe it to yourself to try it out. It’s a simple game and obviously mostly based on comedy and nostalgia, but it seriously is not to be missed.

Battlefield Heroes and the Cartoon World War

I’m always on the lookout for games that feature unique visual takes on their genres instead of the same old muddy, brown and gray graphics that we have all become accustomed to. Battlefield Heroes, which was developed by software giant EA, certainly fits the bill. The game catches your eye right away with its fun, cartoonish visuals.

When you sign up to play this browser-based 3D shooter, you immediately are asked to pick between two rival factions, the Royal Army and the National Army. You can then choose between different player types, such as soldiers, gunners (who seem to specialize in heavy weapons), and commandos (who are stealthier types).

Full customization helps you become immersed in your character’s role, with skin tone, hair color and style, and facial hair all able to be changed. You can also rank up your character as you play, which adds a persistent challenge and makes you really addicted to the game in no time flat.

Of course, all of the bells and whistles wouldn’t mean much if the gameplay wasn’t good. Fortunately, this game was obviously influenced largely by Team Fortress 2, which is definitely not a bad thing. The game plays very well, especially for a browser-based game.

This game has a lot of player support already and is a lot of fun to take part in. You’ll be surprised when you try it out at how quickly you become invested in the war between the two factions.

Earth Eternal is a Truly Original Experience

Okay, so every now and then you get tired of the same old types of games. There are MMORPGs where you run around healing your party members or spamming attacks to slay orcs and dragons. There are first person shooters where you sneak around maps and shoot people, or get blown up yourself, in the same old brown and gray environments.

If you feel that way too, you should try Earth Eternal. One thing you can’t accuse this MMORPG of being is unoriginal. No, that’s because in Earth Eternal, you can play as crazy looking creatures such as an upright walking cow-creature or a fox that walks on hind legs and carries a sword and shield, for example. This is reflective of the game’s story, in which the Age of Beasts has replaced the time of human beings.

The game was in open beta when I tried it, but it seemed pretty polished. The game has four different character classes: knight, rogue, mage, and druid. This means you end up in fairly standard MMORPG roles when you play, but the twist comes when you can blend character classes later in the game to really make your character unique.

In Earth Eternal, you engage in quests and interact with NPCs, as with other MMORPGs. However, the settings often resemble charming little towns and farm areas, which is certainly something new and different. Furthermore, boss monsters really add to the difficulty as you get a good challenge from taking them on.

If you like the gameplay and style of MMORPGs, but you’re tired of the same old visuals and character types, Earth Eternal is right up your alley.

OrangeFPS Is the New FPS on the Block

OrangeFPS is a lesser-known online shooter right now that you can play right in your browser, although it is currently only available for Windows 7 or Windows Vista. It offers fast-paced game play similar to what you might find on popular shooters on a console system such as the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, although the graphics and features obviously aren’t completely on that level.

Like just about all browser-based games, this game is free, which made trying it an easy decision since there are no strings attached. I got into a game pretty quickly and as someone who has played a lot of shooters on his PC, I had no trouble adjusting to the controls and getting into the action.

If you are new to the game and want to get accustomed to the game play and maps before you actually compete against other live players, you can practice with bots, which I did in order to get a handle on things without embarrassing myself too much first.  After a few practice games, I felt ready to jump in and I did pretty well. I particularly enjoyed the 50 caliber sniper rifle, although I was surprised that the pistols in the game are pretty useful, as well.

I occasionally heard from other players about technical issues, but I didn’t run into any myself, so I can’t personally vouch for their experiences. If you like your first person shooters playing at a fast pace, though, you need to give this game a try. It’s got a growing player base and best of all, doesn’t cost anything to try out.

Mega Moolah: A Great Video Slot

Mega Moolah is not just a great way to kill some time online, but also a game where you can win some money, as well. I personally enjoy Mega Moolah because it has a large progressive jackpot, as well as for the fun jackpot wheel and other features. Let me tell you a little about the game so you can decide whether you would enjoy it, too.

Like a lot of slots I’ve played, Mega Moolah has five reels (the vertical sets of symbols that spin when you play) and 25 paylines that go across, diagonally, and in various combinations. When you play, you can decide how many paylines you play, but keep in mind that if you don’t play one and there’s a winning combination on it, you won’t win anything.

You can bet a wide variety of amounts, too, which is nice. You can bet one cent on each payline and play for just 25 cents per spin, or you can bet up to $6.25 per spin, if you prefer. Best of all, when you play Mega Moolah you always have a chance to win the progressive jackpot, which is often worth millions of dollars.

My favorite part of Mega Moolah is definitely the Jackpot Wheel, though. This feature is triggered at random as you play and allows you to spin a wheel that gives you chances at four tiers of jackpots, including the big multi-million dollar one that everyone wants to win. It’s an exciting bonus game and one of the reasons that it’s easy to keep going back and playing Mega Moolah time and time again.